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Flexible and powerful CMS solutions, to make your website dynamic and interactive, thereby enhancing your site impact.

od cms OnDigit has developed own new Content Management System (CMS) with extra helpful features. Content Management Systems are frequently a factor of Enterprise Content Management (ECM) Solutions.

With a rapidly changing world, an abundance of information, it is a common knowledge now that all Web sites require constant updates. Around-the-clock revisions of Web sites, a constant battle between technology and content management requirements and the speed at which information needs to be distributed can become easily a big challenge for large organization. A CMS or a content management system could be the solution of tackling the problem of an everlasting need to manage your website content daily and the need to do this with a simple, easy to use and affordable tool.


Salient Features:

  • Flexibility & scalability
  • User-friendly content editor
  • Creative design & site development
  • Multitude of add-on components
  • Consistent & customizable look and feel
  • Easy to use interface for non-technical individuals
  • Easy to deploy with minimal training
  • Create search engine friendly pages
  • Compliance with latest web standards